Dangerous Poetry Vol. 3

Canoe - So What - Rum Toxic - Inferior - Isabella - Let the Rain Fall - I know It - We Are

I want a canoe, don't you?  I do.  I do.  
I want a little boat, in a moat and watch it float.  
I want an oar, a paddle and some ducks that waddle.
I want a canoe, don't you?  I do.  I do

Low ceiling for my piper cub
is somewhere where trout swim
and if I give up a personal limb
so what

I owe on my credit cards
the fire trucks are in my yard
but I won't give them up
so what

Got a B minus on the last test
My eyes fixed on Cindy's chest
God I want to touch her breast
so what

I could do good poetry
if inspiration comes to me
Now what the hell rhymes with what
so what

Gonna but Joe a laser disk
I wanted one since I was six
Juju beans, farts and luck
so what

What's life all about
ring baloney and sauerkraut
tax returns and pick up trucks
so what

Don't give a shit
don't give a damn
Don't throw a fit 
Take me as I am
so what

Apathy apathy
who are you who are you
apathy apathy
go away please
apathy apathy 
who are you who are you
get the fuck away

We were sophists and articulate and sang the blues,
manic depressant, stinking of booze.
we walked a hundred miles all week long,
and by the weekend was long gone.

Master Sam we did the best we can,
Toted your guns and learned about Vietnam.
We made our run on the liquor store,
bought Bacardi, cokes & beer & more.

We were often loud and doubly proud, 
the neighbors hated us for what we found.
we were running from our selves running from our fears,
but we'd drown them down with one more beer.

Now its been too long since our last bout,
I can't remember what it was all about.
And I've learned many things from books and school,
but I miss those days as a prophetic Fool.


Slip time enjoy it, you're lost and you know it. 
 It's a stupid gesture, and you're missing days.
Your spirit's off, its whipped
 and frayed.  
Just like yesterday I'm sleeping
 and just fell into it. 
 Fell back and away - Psychomatrix. 
 Inferior, interior, superior.

I knew a girl named Isabella
Isabella and a fella 
saw the world in a leather
gondola, a balloon of 
silk and some
bad weather

And this girl named Isabella
grew tired of her fella silk balloon and all
the world.
Kicked out her fella and rose 
higher away from the world.

She touched the stars this
Isabella, followed
comets and nebula
She forgot about her long dropped fella
lost the weather and groped at the

But walls found our Isabella,
Walls of black
For Isabella
for all there is, is
where you are and 
Isabella was at a wall of black

So  she jumped, our Isabella,
from leather gondola
out and far, Isabella
Back to earth and her fella
waiting there on the ground

Everybody is standing on the sky.
And I keep asking why why why

Nothing yet has impressed me today
And tomorrow seems so for away.

They are so damned far away from me today
Doesn't matter I'm so bored anyway.

Blue is a day that belongs to me
Red are the eyes that denies me peace.

Have the demons beat me for spite
My tight fingers are wrapped hard tonight.

Around a bottle of rum and a glass
My head feels like a tarnished piece of brass.

Nothing beats hell like a night of intoxication
Preaching in front of a beer can congregation.

Spitting sorrow like some social masturbation
Loveless blues, Souls take to assignation.

It's the only way I know to fight it
God knows I can't and won't confront it.

Black clouds haunt me like a bad addiction
Slap my soul on the bottle for crucifixion.

Let the rain fall on me,
let the rain fall on me...   

And let the sun go down,
and let the sun go down...    now...

Returning home with spaghetti sauce
and a squirt.
Look down at litter look down on Earth.

it is warm and getting hotter
and worse
I'm alone and getting older
and worse
Only two dollars in my wallet
and worse
and worse

I'm poor and older and
I know it
I'm lost and alone and
I know it
It's cold and getting cooler and
I know it

I came home collecting trash
with a squirt and spagetti sauce 
in a sack
and worse, I know it.

She quivers to my touch
I collapse to her clutch
like two metals melting into one,
we are.

I'm a reaching flower to her sunglow,
filling me with as much life
as the sea gives birth to life below.

And armies of angels whisper in jealousy,
of the deep soul contact
of her and me.

And mortals and demon,
men, animals and women,
Scream in running mobs,
where they push and shove,
to catch a glimpse of our
growing love.


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Material Copyright © 2004 Gary Jungling