Dangerous Poetry Vol. 2

Master the Word - Blue Day - The Playground - Deep - Sunny Days - Children in Green - A Cow - She is There

Master the word
the old man cried
You'll own the world
then he died 

I'll live the pen
the young man said
then off to his den
leaving the old on the street dead

It is a mystery
Or maybe a romance
Thriller, or comedy
He's off writing in a morbid trance
Leaving the old on the street dead.

Blue day
fat chance
some say
life lasts
faith lies 
devil's fake
church cries
sinner's bake
Cheese please
welfare man
uncle sam
long wars
foreign shores
my friend
is dead
Black earth
falling trees
lost surf
dead seas
black clouds
yellow moons
thick crowds
blues tunes.

Three years at his mother's chest
for which world is best
first food from father's hand
born of the forest, born of the land.  

Gather the children in the playground, by the river.
Hand by hand, worth forever.
Here ritual village young, play
here a world within a world stay.

They light the hunting fire
The cleansing smoke climbs higher
For they're purest among them all
free from killing, fresh from forest wall.

Exit the riverbed, time for changes
the differences now apparent in stages
Grows the litany from day to night
Into an adult tug-o-war, to see the light.

In a warm African forest there,
Grows a different perspective.
the children, responsible bear
cultural personality, respective.

Deep in a hole,
there I stand peering upward.
No one to talk to, not a soul.

I climb the walls
but before I get halfway,
my grip releases and my body falls.

I curse myself with painful proclaims,
depressed I became,
until I become broken down and lame.

People walk by glancing down some smile
some throw stones at your head
yet some will stand for a while

Then off they walk
then off they go.
but some remain to have a talk

some reach out with one hand, 
but I can't ever reach, never near.
What I need is a ladder or maybe a rope,
some one please do this or there's no hope.

The sun broke a cloudy day
and a tear came to my eye

Wind blows across my shoulder
I pull my jacket closer

I can feel the tightness in my chest
as I drag my feet across the walk.

Some sunny days are blue I said
Some sunny days are blue
some days I need an overcast
to forget all about you.
some sunny days are blue.

I closed the door of my room
the sun threw himself on the floor

The dust danced around awhile
Then settle on my feet

My shoes kicked off each other
on the carpet all alone. Alone.

Peanut butter in my coke can
can't see any sand
messages from watch bands
G I 's getting a tan.

My pen's about to explode
so I grabbed a pencil
tell her I got a cold
Gilligan's been canceled.

Oh the misery of children in green
The time they serve aren't so serene.
Won't someone bear their burden.

Won't someone share the pain
The price they pay is all in vain

What's the use of a M-16 in a hefty bag.
What's the use of a unit patch and a ranger tab
Mom's little boy's coming home
in a plastic Bag!  Hoo Whaa!

I see a cow.
Pink, gold and black.
see it sneeze.
Swatting flies from its back.

She is there.
In the range of my sight.
a feeling that's never rare,

a need of companionship a needing of love.
My heart feels the urge and the loneliness.
which I never speak of.

My mind builds up a scramble,
the loneliness spreads here.
I cry inside, but I won't let it crumble.

My shield will remain 'till my heart knows,
and the uncontrollable grief fails to grow.
She is the key.

When she lowers my shield,
The love will be set free.


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