I spend time with my family and my Pug/Jack Russel terrier mix Buoy (@BuoyTheDog). You can see pictures of him over on my Instagram and Flickr accounts. As you can tell photography is also one of my passions.  I also enjoy goofing around with Photoshop with some measure of success.

I also enjoy music, both listening to it and playing.  I have a small collection on string instruments that I love plucking. I am self-taught in ukulele, guitar, banjo, tenor guitar, and a tiny bit of mandolin. In my youth I toured the country for four summers as a percussionist in the Argonauts Drum & Bugle Corps. Every once in awhile I will write a little tune or two.

I love to read and write poetry. In fact I have volumes of verse of various quality posted online at my poetry archive. I also have been found to blog my thoughts over at the Jugbo Blog (although it’s broken right now, don’t know what’s going on there yet).  On August 10th I will be celebrating my tenth year as a blogger.  Although I struggle to keep up with it sometimes it truly is one of my dearest passions.

I was a widower and now I’m divorced. I have a grown son and teenage daughter. I enjoy being a single dad.

A few other fun stuff I enjoy: camping, boating, fishing, watching live theater, hiking, Xbox, good food.

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