A little personal history about myself.

I was born in a Navy hospital in Camp Lejune NC. My father was a Marine and we bounced around a few military bases until we settled back in my father’s home state of Oregon.  Making his homestead in Woodburn Oregon he and my mother raised a family of four children.

I grew up in the Woodburn school district graduating from Woodburn High School in 1983. I attended a local community college for a little while and then enlisted into the Army.  I served four years active duty in California and South Korea. I finished out my service obligation in the Oregon National Guard.

I re-enrolled in to the local community college and graduated with an associate degree in lower division studies with emphasis in social sciences.

I entered the full time workforce after graduation in retail and wholesale operations and purchasing.  After many years in that industry I re-entered college and finished my degree in multimedia communications information technology.

I currently work in a government transportation data division. I analyze vehicle crash data, code it and enter it into a huge database. That data is used for traffic safety decisions all over the state at every government level.


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